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Piping & Drumming




With a return to the tradition of the original Sarasota Highland Games, Suncoast Scots is excited to announce EUSPBA-sanctioned pipe band competitions for Grades 4 and 5 in 2024.



  • Registration opens December 2, 2023. (Registration forms will be posted at this website.)

  • All bands wishing to compete or participate must register by January 19, 2024.

  • An entry fee of $75 is required per band and only for bands wishing to compete. 

  • The first ten bands to register will receive travel assistance based on one-way mileage to Manatee County Fairgrounds in the amount of $100 for the first 75 miles plus $1 for each additional mile up to a maximum of $400. 

    • To be eligible for travel assistance bands must participate in the Massed Bands events and either compete or perform up to two 15 to 20-minute sets according to a schedule and at a location to be determined after registration closes.


  • Trophies for the 1st-place finishers will be awarded at closing ceremonies.

  • Entry passes will be provided for playing band members only. Additional tickets can be purchased online and at the gate.

  • Competition is subject to cancellation due to any event beyond human control including unpredictable and unpreventable natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, and storms. No refunds will be issued.



  • EUSPBA rules govern competition events.

  • All bands must submit a list of competing players (or participating players for non-competing bands) with the entry form. 

  • Competing bands must submit their lists of competition tunes with the entry form. 

  • Order of Play will be drawn a week prior to the Games and emailed to bands.

  • A representative from each band must be at the Piping & Drumming registration area at 10:30 A.M. for instructions and information. 

  • Decisions by the Judges, Stewards, and the Contest Committee are final. All protests shall be made in writing and lodged with the Contest Committee before the end of the Games.


Inquiries, please contact: John Hawk


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